In just a few short weeks, Scarlett Johansson will band together with a group of the funniest women in showbiz for the nuttiest bachelorette party of their lives in Rough Night. It’s honestly astonishing we haven’t seen Kate McKinnon and Ilana Glazer in a film together yet, but the time is now, and a new Red Band trailer shows us exactly the kind of hijinks we can expect.

I love watching these trailers, because every time I do I forget that the main plot of this movie is not that these women simply have a raunchy, fun bachelorette party — it’s that in the midst of said raunchy, fun bachelorette party they inadvertently murder a male stripper and have to figure out how to dispose of the body without alerting the authorities. Plus, there’s cocaine involved, which always goes well.

Female-driven raunch-comedies have gotten a bit one-note lately, but I trust the scripting abilities of Paul W. Downs, who, you might know from his episode of Netflix’s The Characters, or as Broad City’s Trey, Abbi’s boss at her fitness center job. His script for this movie, originally titled Rock That Body, ended up topping the Black List in 2015, and he also worked on that female-led 21 Jump Street spinoff.

Rough Night also stars Jillian Bell and Zoe Kravitz, and hits theaters June 16.

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