Thanks to some screenshots from Crytek and a batch of rumored, new downloadable content achievements that were posted last week on Xbox360Achievements, signs are pointing to the first batch of DLC for Crysis 3 to be set in the tropics.

According to a post from MP1st, the image in question (shown above), is from the original game, while the new screenshot (shown below), looks like it's from the same area, except built for Crysis 3. Couple that setting with the names of some of the achievements, like "Wish You Were Here!" and "King of the Swingers, Jungle VIP," and you've got some pretty compelling clues that suggest the first batch of DLC will be set in the tropics.

The images are mere teasers and shouldn't serve as confirmation for anything, but Crytek has said that it plans to keep supporting Crysis 3 in a big way, so perhaps this is just a glimpse of what we'll see rolling out for the game.

Until official word is released about any DLC, feel free to join us in putting on our speculation hats and everything Crytek says and every image they tease.

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