Be forewarned: There’s been a bit of confusion as of late regarding the veracity of an Instagram account with the handle @lexcorp. The account has amassed over 24,500 followers and has now been cited by several comic-book news sources as an official affiliate of the DC cinematic universe, tying in to Zack Snyder’s recent Batman vs. Superman and teasing unnamed upcoming projects. (In particular, a post yesterday promised that “Something big is coming” and that their “newest project will be fully functioning by 2017.”) While nowhere in the account’s bio section does it claim to be affiliated to DC, Warner Bros. or any authorized branch thereof, it doesn’t disclaim its own status as a fan-account, either. Which is what it is.

The @lexcorp account should not be confused for the real McCoy, and it doesn’t take an inside source to figure that out. Simply take a close look at the account, and what it’s posted: the first post dates back to only four weeks ago, and the account lacks the telltale blue checkmark indicating that it’s been verified by the Instagram higher-ups. (Both the @suicidesquadmovie and @batmanvsuperman, as well as all other Warner Bros. Instagram accounts, are all verified.) But more significantly than any of this, the @lexcorp account has been posting fan-art directly to their feed, and has yet to debut any studio-sanctioned exclusive promotional material.

Sure, the evolution of the messy free-for-all that is real-time digital news coverage has forced standards to slacken a bit, but the line has to be drawn somewhere. A quick, cursory Google search and a little common sense can separate the truth from the chatter. Look twice before you cross the road, measure twice before you cut a two-by-four, and corroborate twice before you report fan conjecture as fact.