A vast majority of us associate Russell Crowe as an actor first and foremost. But the man has been honing his directing talents and plans to put it to good use with an upcoming biopic.

Russell Crowe teamed up with Mark Staufer to make a picture off of the life of Bill Hicks the American comedian who made his mark dishing out controversial and darker humor to the masses. He died of cancer back in the mid-90s but has not been forgotten.

Mark Staufer wrote the script for the untitled picture but it's currently unknown as to who will take on the lead role. Russell Crowe was initially offered the spot but shifted over to the director's seat instead. Seeing Russell Crowe taking on a project like this is exciting indeed.

Mark Staufer talks a little bit more about Russell Crowe taking on this project, courtesy The Telegraph:

It is a huge role for someone, made all the more special, or downright scary, by the fact the director is an Oscar-winning actor like Russell.

Russell Crowe is currently in the middle of shooting Darren Aronofsky's 'Noah.'