For as long as I’ve been working in this business, more than a decade at this point, someone’s been trying to remake Logan’s Run. Over the years, the seminal 1976 science-fiction movie about a dystopian future where the world is paradise for the young because everyone over the age of 30 gets euthanized has been targeted for rebootification by filmmakers ranging from Bryan Singer to Robert Schwentke to James McTeigue. I did an interview with Nicolas Winding Refn for Drive back in 2011, and at that time he was looking to make it with Ryan Gosling. (At 35 years old, he’s now too old for the part.)

Last summer, it was announced that X-Men and Fantastic Four producer Simon Kinberg was writing the latest Logan’s Rerun. A few months later came word that Warner Bros. hoped the movie could become the basis for a “Hunger Games kind of franchise.” The movie might be old, but the intended audience is young.

Today Variety reports there’s new movement on the project. While Kinberg remains with Logan’s Run as a producer, a new writer has been hired to develop the script. It’s Ryan J. Condal, the co-creator and showrunner of the series Colony, which was recently renewed for a second season on USA Network. Kinberg will be joined as producer by Greg Berlanti, mastermind of DC TV series like Arrow, The Flash, and Supergirl.

There’s no further word on a timetable for release, or any kind of casting. Good luck Mr. Condal. May you succeed where so many others before you have failed. You’ll forgive me, though, if I suspect I’ll still be reporting on this project in another 10 years, provided our own dystopian future hasn’t instituted Carrousel by that time.

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