Without question, gymnast Gabby Douglas is the breakout US star of the Olympic Games, which are drawing to a close this weekend. But the American athlete most want to poke fun at – for assorted reasons – appears to be swimmer Ryan Lochte. Maybe it’s his confidence (bordering on arrogance)? Maybe it’s because he’s Michael Phelps’ natural rival? No matter the reason, folks like to see Lochte on the receiving end of a joke, including good 'ole Patrick Stewart.

On the ‘Today’ show, Lochte told the morning-show anchors that Will Ferrell approached him to do a Funny or Die sketch while in London for the Summer Games. The short clip already made its way online, and features the medal-winning swimmer in a humorous ticket-scalping spoof along with Stewart and 'Game of Thrones' star Maisie Williams.

Who is that playing the ancient scalper Ticket Tooth Phillip? See for yourself.

Lochte, as we reported, is eyeing a future in reality television. Based on this clip, and what you have seen from him during the Games, do you think he has a future in entertainment? Or should he stick to the pool? Let us know your thoughts below: