A lot of actors would like to move into directing but it's not the easiest transition to do. Jonathan Frakes spent hours on the set of 'Star Trek: The Next Generation' learning everything he could before directing an episode. Not too sure what Ryan Phillippe's training is, but he's going for it anyway and making his directorial debut in a new indie thriller.

Variety is reporting that Ryan Phillippe is going to make his feature film directorial debut with 'Shreveport,' a film that he will also star in. So that's two paychecks Phillippe will be getting in the mail!

Phillippe will play "a fading movie star who is suddenly kidnapped, held hostage and tortured while filming a low-budget film in the Louisiana city."

Ok, so he's doing some dumb meta thing? He's not really a fading movie star (wait until this movie comes out) but to make and star in a thriller about an actor filming a thriller sounds kind of goofy. Someone should actually kidnap and torture him so he can get some real life experience before shooting what sounds like an indie train wreck.

The movie is set to start shooting this summer in Louisiana but no word on who else is starring in the film. Holly Wiersma and Mark Burg will finance through Twisted Pictures, known for bringing fans the 'Saw' movies. We'll keep you updated on the project as more casting news is announced.