In his heyday, Arnold Schwarzenegger tended to star in incredibly violent movies where he played straight-shooting, morally black and white heroes. So it's weird to watch him in the red band trailer for 'Sabotage,' which casts him as a morally grey character straight out of director David Ayer's 'Training Day' playbook.

You can watch the red band trailer for yourself above, but be warned: they aren't kidding about the NSFW-ness of this one and it features harsh language, lots of nudity and grisly, bloody violence. In other words, this is the trailer that bought our tickets.

The trailer opens with Arnie yelling at his elite DEA strike team for farting and it only gets better from there. When someone on this team steals a lot of money from a powerful drug cartel and people start to die very theatrical deaths, it's up to the former governor of California to save the day by killing every single person who walks into the sights of his machine gun.

'Sabotage' looks like a mismatched combination of serious, gritty crime drama and a bombastic '80s Schwarzenegger action movie and we can't wait to see it. Whether it's good or bad, we can't imagine the final film not being hugely entertaining.

'Sabotage' explodes into theaters on March 28, 2014.