Many of us loved the latest James Bond movie, 'Skyfall,' which reflects in the film's $1 billion worldwide box office, but the film is something its director, Sam Mendes, does not want to repeat. We all know (or rather should know by now) that he doesn't have plans to return for the next 007 movie -- in fact, the very thought of doing so makes him "physically ill."

Can someone please tell us what is so bad about working on the James Bond franchise? Well, perhaps we spoke too soon, because Sam Mendes recently answered that exact question. After he previously released a polite statement announcing his declination to return for another Bond film, he defended his position to Yahoo Movies UK (via Indie Wire), saying:

Was I willing to go back into a room with a writer and start work on the same set of characters and the same scenarios as I've been working on for the last three years? The idea made me physically ill.

Mendes' response seems perfectly reasonable if you ask us, but we had to know being that he's not the first to want to free himself from iconic film character -- current Bond Daniel Craig had said he's been trying to get out of his contract "from the very moment [he] got into it."

Despite this latest tidbit, however, Bond producer Barbara Broccoli has it in her mind that Mendes will eventually return to direct more films, "maybe not for the next one... but we will get him back again," she said. What do you think? Do you want to see Mendes return to direct more Bond?

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