It’s been a year since American Honey premiered at Cannes, and the film’s breakout star Sasha Lane has lined up her next high-profile project. Lane will star in Ben Wheatley’s Free Fire follow-up Freakshift, and fight giant subterranean crab-monsters alongside Alicia Vikander and Armie Hammer.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Freakshift focuses on “squads of lawbreakers and misfits” who “go on the hunt for lethal nocturnal monsters,” which sounds terrific and I can’t wait. No word on who Lane will be playing, but it sound like it’ll be either a misfit or a crab-monster.

When our Britt Hayes spoke to Wheatley about his next movie, he offered a pretty promising pitch: “It’s about women with shotguns fighting giant crabs,” he said. “There you go, it sells itself.” So this probably means we can brace ourselves for at least a couple more casting announcements as Wheatley continues to build his monster hunting team. The man is all about high-concept and weird, and seems to have gotten a taste for action with his latest, Free Fire. He’s quickly established himself as a man who likes to work with an all-star cast, so there’s no telling which of your favorite up-and-comers will be joining the project next.

As for Lane, she has a few other films coming up, including Chloe Moretz starrer The Miseducation of Cameron Post, Shotgun, Shoplifters of the World and sci-fi Hunting Lila.

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