When I spoke with Armie Hammer and director Ben Wheatley about Free Fire following a day of paintball and BBQ at SXSW, it was evident that these guys are operating on the same wavelength, so it’s not exactly surprising to learn that the actor is re-teaming with the director of the upcoming shoot ’em up for another round — and this time they’re setting their sights on something a bit nastier: Monsters.

Deadline reports that Armie Hammer will join Alicia Vikander for Wheatley’s next project, titled Freakshift. The film is an action thriller that follows a group of cops who go hunting for monsters that lurk in the dark — that’s sort of a vague and simple description, so here’s Wheatley’s own sales pitch, as told to The Independent:

It’s about women with shotguns fighting giant crabs. There you go, it sells itself.

I mean, the man’s right.

But that description is also particularly interesting to note, as Wheatley’s films are primarily male-centric pieces that explore the fragility of masculine ego and narcissism — not to say that Freakshift won’t have something to say on that subject, but I like the idea of a Wheatley cast that features more than one or two women. High-Rise had Elisabeth Moss and Sienna Miller. Free Fire, which hits theaters later this month, features Brie Larson. Almost of his films have been co-written and edited by a woman — Amy Jump (who also happens to be Wheatley’s spouse). When Wheatley does utilize women, they’re great.

So bring on Vikander and Hammer and the women with shotguns battling giant crab monsters. I’m so there.

Free Fire hits theaters on April 21. Keep an eye out in the coming weeks for our full interview with Ben Wheatley, Armie Hammer and co-star Sharlto Copley.

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