The Hellboy reboot is happening, and while it’s difficult to remove Guillermo del Toro’s unfinished version of the character’s tale from our minds, the new movie is setting up quite an exciting cast roster to make up for it. Today brings news that American Honey star Sasha Lane is in final negotiations to join Hellboy: Rise of the Blood Queen.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Lane will play Alice Monaghan, a young girl rescued from fairies by our big red friend. She can still see fairies even after she’s rescued and retains some magical powers from her time with them, and appears young but is in fact around fifty years old. She’s got a big role to play in the Blood Queen storyline but I won’t go into too many spoilers here.

For those of you who don’t yet know, the movie’s subtitle, Rise of the Blood Queen, alludes to the Hellboy comics’ storyline about Nimue, a powerful witch who was once a pupil of Merlin, stole his powers, and went nuts, making all these deals with Old Gods so that the other witches banded together to cut her to pieces and imprison her in a box beneath the surface of the earth. I’ll go ahead and say that there’s a pretty good chance she gets free.

Hellboy will be played by David Harbour, Ian McShane is his adoptive scientist father Professor Broom, and Milla Jovovich will play the Blood Queen. Exciting stuff.

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