Billy the Puppet must have a hell of an agent. The guy just keeps on working!

Billy is about to get busy again. Lionsgate revealed today that following the franchise-reviving Saw X this year, they are already at work on a Saw XI for release next fall.

XI, if you’re not up on your Roman numerals, means this is the 11th of these Saw movies. One more and there will the same number of Saw movies as Star Wars movies. What a world.

In an Instagram post, the film’s distributor, Lionsgate, revealed that the movie will arrive in theaters on September 27, 2024.

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This year’s Saw X was something of a back-to-basics movie for the long-running horror saga. After several years of increasingly convoluted sequels, culminating in 2010’s Saw 3D, the franchise cleared the decks a bit, first with Jigsaw, which jettisoned most of the surviving characters (and would-be Jigsaw Killer apprentices), then with Spiral, which was more of a spinoff set in the same universe.

After Spiral was a disappointment, Lionsgate went even more back-to-basics for Saw X, bringing back Tobin Bell as the long dead Jigsaw in a prequel set between the first two movies. (They also bought back Kevin Greutert, who had directed the fan favorite Saw VI and edited many of the other entries in the series.) This time, the formula worked, and the film grossed over $100 million against a reported $13 million budget. And thus, the twisted games of Jigsaw shall continue. No word yet, though, on whether Tobin Bell or any other previous stars from the franchise will be in it.

(Billy the Puppet, I assume, is a lock. That guy never misses a chance for a payday.)

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