This article brings two very surprising revelations. One: Universal Pictures is planning a remake of 'Scarface,' the character made infamous by the 1932 and 1983 classic gangster films. Two: In one of the strangest pairings of material and director, the studio has evidently turned to David Yates, director of three 'Harry Potter' films, to do the job.

Details are very slim on this new version 'Scarface', which Deadline insists on calling a "reboot" instead of a remake, even though that doesn't make much sense. (You "reboot" a franchise, you "remake" a film.) The screenwriters involved, of which there are apparently several, aren't even being named. But the fact is, Universal is pleased with the latest draft of the script and is looking to move forward with Yates in final talks to helm.

Yates is known the world over for directing the last batch of 'Harry Potter' flicks: 'Order of the Phoenix', 'Half-Blood Prince' and both 'Deathly Hallows'. However, before he moved to Hogwarts, Yates dealt in more grounded material, such as the BBC political-thriller miniseries 'State of Play' and the TV movies 'Sex Traffic' and 'The Girl in the Cafe'. He's currently attached to WB's 'Tarzan,' but that film has been delayed until at least next year.

While different in many obvious ways, the 1932 and 1983 versions of 'Scarface' were actually quite similar: both dealt with a fearless, ambitious, sister-obsessed criminal who rises through the ranks and becomes the kingpin of an empire at great personal cost. (It was bootlegging in the original, cocaine in the remake.) It's unclear where this latest iteration will take place - or what the nationality of its characters is - but if this project continues to move along, we should hear a lot more soon.

What do you think about the prospect of a 'Scarface' remake?