The 'Scary Movie' franchise is no stranger to bizarre stunt casting (remember Shaquille O'Neal and Dr. Phil in part four?) and retired boxer/full-time psychopath Mike Tyson is no stranger to being stunt cast, so it makes perfect sense that he's just been cast in 'Scary Movie 5.'

According to Blackfilm, Tyson will be making a cameo in the film alongside 'The Hills' star Audrina Patridge and 'Kendra' star Kendra Wilkinson, bringing the total number of confirmed useless celebrity cameos in this film to five (Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan were previously cast). If the past films in this series are any indication, Tyson will probably show up randomly and be "hilariously" dispatched before the scene is over.

'Scary Movie 5,' which has apparently selected 'Black Swan' to be its central parody, is currently filming in Atlanta. Malcolm D. Lee is directing and David Zucker (who directed parts three and four) co-wrote the script and is producing. Truthfully, we're pretty tired of this franchise at this point and feel like all of this stunt casting showcases a genuine lack of creative juice. What do you think?

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