Through all its seven season on NBC and one (technically two, if you're feeling masochistic) on ABC, medical comedy 'Scrubs' was a truly unique series that deftly switched between drama and comedy.  But with any good single camera comedy with one foot out of reality, a love of musical theatre was bursting out the seams in more episodes than the show's designated musical episode.  But now that 'Scrubs' has long fallen by the wayside, might the next stop for Bill Lawrence's Sacred Heart crew be Broadway?

tweeted that a 'Scrubs' musical was in the works, a sentiment followed by the clarification that he's "not kidding."

What say you?  Could a 'Scrubs' musical really happen, presumably with an all-new cast?  Would you want any of the past songs to make it in?  Give us your thoughts in the comments below!

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