If you never once looked at a calendar, you'd still be able to tell when a movie was approaching its release date by seeing it TV spots were playing yet. Well, 'The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey' now has two, which means that the hotly anticipated film is right around the corner! You can find the first one over here and you can watch the second one below!

What's interesting about this spot is how remarkably different in tone it is from the main theatrical trailers. See an ad for 'The Hobbit' at your local multiplex and you're being promised an epic, solemn return to the land of Middle Earth, but if you see an ad on your television, you're being promised a loose and fun adventure movie that isn't above silly humor and jokes. While many people may prefer the former, the latter will be perfectly fine with us. The original novel definitely skews younger, so a lighter touch may be appropriate.

What do you think about the new spot? Does the tone bother you?