The next entry in the cult favorite Yakuza series from Sega was announced during Sony's pre-TGS press conference. The only question is, will it come to the U.S.?

Sega's Yakuza series has always been more popular in Japan that it has been in the States. That said, whenever a new entry is announced, we get our hopes up it will find its way to our shores. This latest iteration, Yakuza Ishin, takes the cast back to the Edo period of Japan's history, though it's not really clear how the franchise's persistent characters wound up hundreds of years in the past.

Yakuza Ishin will launch alongside the PlayStation 4 in Japan on Feb. 22, but there are also PlayStation 3 and PS Vita versions in development. Sega teased cross-play for the Vita, but didn't go into great detail during the press conference. Almost every Yakuza game has come to the U.S., save for the most recent, Yakuza 5. It's a shame, too, as that was the first entry in years to use a new engine. While it's looking less likely we'll ever see that entry, perhaps sometime in 2014, we'll get to see Yakuza Ishin on our PS4s.