The sitcom is, and always shall be, an ever-changing art. There exists no perfect formula for success between various three-camera and single-camera efforts over the years. While some may bemoan the heightened situations and laugh tracks of a three-camera outing like the modern 'Big Bang Theory,' others remember how 'Cheers' and 'Seinfeld' among others perfected the format. So according to a recent '60 Minutes' poll, what's the greatest sitcom of all time?  Is it as funny as a bag of airline peanuts?

While we've lost many an hour attempting to decipher the greatest sitcom of all time, 60 Minutes and Vanity Fair appear to have done it for us. Judging by their recent poll, Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David's legendary 'Seinfeld' has taken the crown, from a choice that included such classics as 'Cheers,' 'The Honeymooners,' 'Mary Tyler Moore,' and even more modern icons like '30 Rock' and even 'Arrested Development.'

With 'Seinfeld' claiming an impressive 22% of the poll, 'The Honeymooners' trailed at 20%, followed by 'Cheers' and 'Friends' at 16% and 14% respectively. Lastly, the more modern sitcoms sandwiched the older, with 'Arrested Development' claiming 7%, 'Mary Tyler Moore' netting 6%, and the still-airing '30 Rock' at 5%.

So what say you? We prefer some of the modern single-camera efforts like 'Arrested Development,' but did 'Seinfeld' really deserve to take the crown? Is there no topping a three-camera laugh track? Tell us what you think the best sitcom of all time to be in the comments!

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