Jerry Seinfeld dished about his legendary namesake sitcom 'Seinfeld' during a recent appearance alongside Matthew Broderick on Bravo's 'Watch What Happens,' revealing which episode he liked the least and who on the show was most in need of a breath mint.

In a segment called "Plead the Fifth," host Andy Cohen asked the comedian which installment of 'Seinfeld' wouldn't be remembered fondly.

"There was one where a guy had a stroke, and we were feeding him on the couch, and it was an older guy," he responded. "I felt very uncomfortable with that episode. It was weird. The guy, he was in a wheelchair -- it was uncomfortable." (For the big fans among you, later research revealed Jerry was talking about a third-season episode called 'The Alternate Side.')

When Cohen asked which 'Seinfeld' character had the worst breath, Jerry said it wasn't one of the series regulars, but rather the many actresses who played his ever-rotating roster of girlfriends. "When someone has bad breath," he explained, "most of the time they haven't eaten. That's the cause of most bad breath. It's people who are trying to lose weight by not eating."

Ew. We'll keep the extra five pounds, thanks.