Per Netflix’s overall strategy, many a subscriber undoubtedly took the holiday break to binge a few new hot-ticket items, among them the streaming service’s own true crime docu-drama Making a Murderer. Seth Meyers surely did as well, staging his Late Night return with a pitch-perfect parody of the Wisconsin murder investigation into Steven Avery.

Meyers opened Monday’s Late Night with a documented phone-call back and forth asking him to return to the show, complete with Wisconsin accents, bizarrely repetitive phrasing and all. For those new to the Making a Murderer craze, the documentary series ten years in the making frequently trades in recorded phone calls, subtitled to understand the regional intonations.

Making a Murderer will no doubt keep to the spotlight for the next few months, affording Late Night and other series plenty of room for parody, so take a look at Seth Meyers’ “Making a Talk Show Host” take on the Netflix series above, and find some time to binge the newest true crime obsession.