We're not entirely sure when Jeff Bridges officially became the go-to casting for "grizzled old mentor," but the 'Seventh Son' trailer shows him taking on that role yet again. In fact, the mere presence of Bridges elevates what otherwise looks like a fairly generic fantasy story into something that may be worth catching.

Based on a series of books by author Joseph Delaney, 'Seventh Son' stars Ben Barnes as Tom Ward, a young man who becomes apprenticed to a "Spook" named Master Gregory (Bridges), who will educate him in the always-necessary art of fighting evil. In this case, evil is personified by Julianne Moore's Mother Malkin, who seems to have the nifty ability to transform into a dragon. 'Game of Thrones' star Kit Harington and the lovely Olivia Williams are also on hand, but they definitely play second fiddle to the parts where a warrior played by The Dude fights a Dragon-Witch played by one of our greatest actresses.

Maybe it's because we're unfamiliar with the source material, but the 'Seventh Son' trailer doesn't do too much for us. Granted, the cast alone is enough to get our attention, but it appears to follow "The Hero's Journey" template to a tee, with Barnes' character being the "seventh son of a seventh son" and destined to save the world and so on. We like it juuust enough to keep our eye on this one, but future trailers are going to have to work a little hard to convince us that this is a special story.

'Seventh Son' opens in theaters on January 14, 2014.

Seventh Son Poster

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