Though The Asylum have produced many a schlocky exploitation film with catchy titles (when they're not busy making low-budget knock-offs of big studio movies), for whatever reason 'Sharknado' caught the public's attention, or at least gave Twitter a chance to snark for two hours. Though its initial debut wasn't that highly rated, the film has morphed into a cultural... Moment? Phenomenon? Something? And so now we're getting a sequel.

And that sequel is titled 'Sharknado 2: The Second One.' This was determined by Twitter, and we also know that the film will be set in New York city -- though likely shot either in the cheapest place possible in Europe, or in someone's garage -- and will be unleashed on the general public (or, more likely, Syfy audiences) in July 2014.

'Sharknado' is easily Asylum's most high profile film, though the studio has gotten publicity for being sued for films like 'American Battleship' and 'Age of the Hobbits,' which had to change their names to American Warships' and 'Clash of the Empires' respectively because of studio pressure.  But we're curious if people will care when the sequel does get released, as it feels like something that should start shooting tomorrow and hit television sometime in November. Ironic appreciation has a shelf life, and we'll be curious to see if anyone cares next summer.

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