It's important to remember when you cosplay that you while you may look like your favorite superhero, you shouldn't act like them. This is a lesson that went largely ignored by an English woman go, while dressed as She-Hulk, assaulted a group of people in an unprovoked attack outside a local McDonald's. You wouldn't like her when she's angry!

Why does Hulk cosplay always end so badly?

The photo above was taken by local CCTV cameras in North Yorkshire, England before the woman in question Hulk-smashed a group of teens leaving a McDonald's. A puny 17-year-old girl was left with bruising across her face and the suspect in question ran off. Her secret is that she's always angry.

A spokesperson for the local police department said:

At the time of the incident the woman suspected of the assault was covered in green body paint with dyed red hair. However, she is believed to be a white woman, in her late teens or early twenties and around 5ft 8in tall with a medium build.

The injuries weren't severe but police are actively searching for the She-Hulk wanna-be on charges of assault and battery. Anyone who may have seen a woman dressed as She-Hulk rampaging through York (something you might remember if you happened upon it) is encouraged to call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 quoting reference number 12130066826.

Remember kids, when cosplaying, don't use the Method technique of getting into character.