'Sherlock' fans continue to salivate in anticipation over the forthcoming third season, which has yet to set an actual premiere date, though most sensible admirers of the modern update on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's most famous character would be given to understand series stars Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman's increasing demand. A fourth season of the popular series has continually provided a source of question, but have Cumberbatch and Martin officially signed on for 'Sherlock' season 4?

According to the Radio Times, the two Tumblr gods may yet go on with their dreamy mystery-solving bromance beyond season 3. Cumberbatch seemed open to a fourth series back in March, though showrunner Steven Moffat reportedly confirmed that the actors were at least signed for another round in the future, even if the BBC has yet to officially commission the order:

We had to inform the BBC that Martin and Benedict had commissioned a new series. They signed themselves up. They both announced that they were carrying on -- so that’s good. Benedict, at some red carpet event somewhere, said he was carrying on forever. Martin, at another one, said, "Yep, series four is happening."

Meanwhile, in addition to the footage screened and details gleaned at Comic-Con, we most recently learned of season 3 that Danish actor Lars Mikkelsen (brother to ‘Hannibal”s Mads Mikkelsen) has joined in the villainous role of “Charles Augustus Magnussen,” a character with no direct literary counterpart, but one that likely corresponds to 1904 Sir Arthur Conan Doyle story, “The Adventure of Charles Augustus Milverton.”

We'll bring you the latest when 'Sherlock' finally gets around to a proper season 3 trailer, or at least a premiere date, but what say you? Will Cumberbatch and Freeman have enough time in their increasingly busy schedules for a fourth season? How long should the series continue regardless? Watch the latest teaser, and tell us what you think:

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