It's been some time since the head-scratching mystery cliffhanger of 'Sherlock's series 2 finale "The Reichenbach Fall," and it may be a while yet until we see the mystery solved in the delayed third series, but fans of the acclaimed BBC series have plenty of new clues to deduce in the meantime. For instance, what villains could potentially live up to the ominous threat of Jim Moriarty (Andrew Scott), and how might Sherlock (Benedict Cumberbatch) and Watson (Martin Freeman) be reunited? Get the latest scoop and photos from 'Sherlock' series 3 inside!

'Sherlock's titular character may have bested Jim Moriarty, and seemingly survived the impossible plummet at the climax of series 2 finale "The Reichenbach Fall," but his work is far from over. Series writer Mark Gatiss recently spoke to London's Radio Times about the upcoming third series, which begins production in March, and may feature original villains not created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

“Doyle got it right first time, he invented the super-villain,” said Gatiss. “All great heroes have their Moriarty and after that you have to be very clever about trying to come up with someone who’s the equivalent otherwise they just look like a watered down version, so it’s about telling different kinds of stories.” That isn't to discount such classic Sherlock Holmes villains as Colonel Sebastian Moran or Charles Augustus Milverton, but it seems the writers may have their own designs in mind.

Gatiss also addressed the manner of Sherlock's inevitable return from the "dead," originally featured in Doyle's story "The Empty House" as revealing himself to Watson in the guise of an elderly book merchant. Wanting Benedict Cumberbatch's version to use less garish disguises, Gatiss teased how some of the character's earlier words might come back into play:

 We made a decision right from the get-go that he would not do disguise in the traditional sense. He actually has a line in [series one finale] the Great Game which is ‘The art of disguise is knowing how to hide in plain sight’ and that was because, right from the start, I thought modern day Sherlock Holmes would not put putty noses on, he would basically be standing behind you now and you wouldn’t know he was there. Ben [Cumberbatch] has put on various costumes but it’s more about being invisible.

Elsewhere, Sherlockology re-tweeted one of the first photos from set construction of 'Sherlock' series 3, revealing very little, but exciting nonetheless. Check out the latest from 'Sherlock' series 3 below, potentially debuting this fall, and give us your predictions for the season in the comments!

Sherlock Series 3 Set Photos
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