"F--- you." That was Simon Pegg's response to the 'Star Trek' fans who voted 'Star Trek Into Darkness' the worst film in the entire franchise. Pegg was asked recently asked to explain those comments and his attempts to backtrack may only get him in more hot water.

In an interview with Collider, Pegg was asked about his comments and had this to say:

Can I just please point out, following a few recent headlines of 'Simon Pegg says 'f-- you' to Star Trek fans,' I was doorstepped by a journalist very early in the morning who told me that Into Darkness had been voted the worst in a poll.

"Doorstepping" is a term used to describe when the press waits outside your home and ambushes you with questions you don't want to answer. So was Pegg really ambushed "very early in the morning" leading to an off-the-cuff "f--- you" moment? Not quite.

Mike Ryan, the Huffington Post writer who initially spoke to Pegg during the 'f--- you' rant, clarified on Twitter:

A scheduled, mid-afternoon interview inside a New York City hotel is hardly doorstepping.

Now, here's the thing. It's completely OK to have that "f--- you" reaction to fans saying 'Star Trek Into Darkness' is the worst movie ever. It's a perfectly acceptable response when, as Pegg would also tell Huffington Post, "all [we] wanted to do was make a film that people really enjoyed." Perhaps a bit harsh, but Pegg isn't your typical actor, with the usual Hollywood BS routine. The blunt honesty to voice the "f--- you" is actually refreshing to some degree. We get where the 'Star Trek' fans are coming from (even if we don't necessarily agree) and we get where Pegg is coming from.

But, don't hind behind it; own it. And don't pass the blame on to a reporter, because that's a) dishonest and b) not fair. Simon Pegg doesn't necessarily owe 'Star Trek' fans an apology, but he does to the reporter he accused of ambushing him.

Here's hoping that Pegg will eventually come clean, make peace with the issue and he, and the Trekkies, will together start looking forward to 'Star Trek 3,' which, here's hoping, isn't the next worst 'Star Trek' movie of all time.

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