Simon Pegg likes to keep busy. Not only will he be in the upcoming 'Star Trek Into Darkness' and Edgar Wright's 'The World's End,' he's signed up to appear in Joe Dante's next film 'Casting the Runes.'

This news comes from Bleeding Cool, and though Dante is currently looking for financing, it's interesting that this news broke the same that we're hearing a remake of Dante's 'Gremlins' is moving forward. Oh well. 'Casting the Runes' is based on the M.R. James ghost story which has been adapted previously by Jacques Tournier with the excellent horror film 'Night of the Demon,' (also known as 'Curse of the Demon') though that was a very loose adaptation. Here's a synopsis of the new version, courtesy the film's website:

When up-and-coming actor Jake Harrington inexplicably hurls himself in front of an oncoming subway train, celebrity gossip blogger Mark Dunning smells a story in Harrington's connection to self-help guru Simon Karswell. What Dunning isn't prepared for is the secret behind Karswell's motivational-speaker success: a command of dark occult forces that reveals his following to be more cult than therapy.

It's worth noting that Pegg previously worked with John Landis on the film 'Burke and Hare' (which went straight to video stateside). There's something awesome about Pegg wanting to work with the great genre filmmakers that he grew up with.