In keeping with the plan to remake every single 80s movie that you ever liked, Warner Bros. is moving ahead with the 'Gremlins' remake. To help keep the quality of the reboot on part with the Steven Spielberg-produced original, the studio has brought in...the guy who wrote 'Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter?'

This isn't the first time we've heard about the possibility of a 'Gremlins' remake, but now it appears as if it's real. Bloody Disgusting reports that Warner Bros. has hired Seth Grahame-Smith and producer David Katzenberg to bring a remake of the 80s horror-comedy classic to the big screen. Grahame-Smith is probably known best for his infamously bad 'Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter' film and, speaking of remakes, is also working with Tim Burton on a potential 'Beetlejuice' remake.

We're of the opinion that a 'Gremlins' remake is a horribly bad idea (if for no other reason than they'll replace all the Mogwai and Gremlin puppets with CGI creatures) but here's where things could get interesting.

No studio can remake a Steven Spielberg movie without the approval of Spielberg himself (it's true: it's in his contract). Producer David Katzenberg is the son of mega-producer Jeffrey Katzenberg, who is partners with Steven Spielberg in DreamWorks. Spielberg and David are buddies; they even go to Laker games together. So this 'Gremlins' remake can't happen without Spielberg's blessing and, considering how close he is with the producer, might he return as an executive producer and offer some creative consulting?

It will be interesting to see how this project develops. We kinda just hope it dies a slow death and never happens but if Spielberg remains involved in some capacity, we'll at least be curious to see what kind of advice he's able to give the new filmmakers.

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