It’s a tale as old as the adolescent impulse for illicit shenanigans: Mom and Dad are out of the house, which means that it’s time for a boozy rager the likes of which will shake the suburban setting to its very core. Except the sisters throwing this bacchanalian shindig aren’t mischievous teens making their first nervous forays into the adult worlds of drinking and licentiousness; they’re two of the funniest women on the planet, both of whom have gracefully passed the forty-year mark.

Amy Poehler and Tina Fey make comic genius everywhere they go. They turned the 2000s into a bright period for Saturday Night Live before diverging to engineer two of the decade’s greatest sitcoms with 30 Rock and Parks and Recreation. They turned the 2008 Presidential election into a farce worthy of comparisons to Molière with Tina’s deadly impression of Sarah Palin and Amy’s enraged, exasperated Hillary Clinton, and livened up the proceedings at every awards ceremony to which they receive an invitation.

And yet they have been heretofore unable to put together a worthy film vehicle for themselves on par with Kristen Wiig’s breakout in Bridesmaids. Their would-be starmaker Baby Mama had trouble with establishing a workable tone and drew mixed reviews from audiences, but Sisters looks like a promising second go. The new trailer doesn’t offer up much that the previous spots haven’t already previewed, further playing up the oil-and-water dynamic between the fast-and-loose Tina and strait-laced Amy. The short clip has a great gag with their old pal Maya Rudolph, but little else new to offer. For now, all we can do is count down the moment until we get to party with America’s most profane sweethearts. Sisters opens in theaters on December 18.