What's the best way to follow up the excellent news that Adele will be performing the theme song for 'Skyfall'? How about a cool and stylish new poster!

What elements tod you need for a great James Bond poster? You need Bond, of course, but more specifically, you need Bond dressed well. Secondly, you need weaponry, preferably Bond's trademark Walther. Finally, you need scantily clad ladies.

This new poster gets two out of the three, at least. Bond, dressed stylishly (but no tie, because Daniel Craig's Bond is the kind of Bond you could get a beer with), fully prepared to shoot an offscreen adversary while, uh, sliding across a dusty floor. Bond's sliding is accompanied by a massive '007,' just in case you've been living in a cave and don't know what Craig in a suit wielding a tiny pistol means.

Compared to the badly photoshopped floating heads that tend to permeate this industry, minimalistic posters like this are pretty darn cool. Not "art" cool, but certainly theater-lobby-pause-worthy. 'Skyfall' hits theaters on November 9. We know this because the poster tells us so.