United Front Games, developers behind one of 2012's surprise hits Sleeping Dogs, have announced a new game in the series.

Over on the company's official site, United Front confirmed the existence of Triad Wars. Previously revealed through some trademark paperwork, many were wondering just when and where Triad Wars would show up, and just whether it would relate to the open-world action game, Sleeping Dogs.

"Well, we’re super-excited that it’s another game based in the Sleeping Dogs universe, it’s something we’ve wanted to do for ages, and we’re very happy to be working with Square Enix again," UFG wrote. "But that’s all we can give you for the time being – we’ll have more information about what the game’s going to be in 2014."

There's no telling if Triad Wars will be a direct sequel or not, or what consoles UFG is developing this next title for. We've already got a lot on our plates as far as the rest of 2013's gaming calendar goes, so we don't mind UFG keeping more pertinent details from us until next year. That said, we're eager to learn more, and hope the developer doesn't keep us waiting too long.