FOX breakout Sleepy Hollow went through something of a rough patch in Season 2, just barely eking out a third season renewal under a new showrunner. Now, so called “Sleepyhead” fans have yet another reason to lose their heads, as Orlando Jones will reportedly leave the series before Season 3.

According to Variety, Jones will exit the series ahead of Season 3 for undisclosed reasons, though the actor’s prolific social media presence has yet to address the change. Jones’ had been a regular with the series as Captain Frank Irving from the very beginning, spending a large portion of Season 2 under duress, first incarcerated in a psychiatric institution, then killed and resurrected as an agent of the apocalypse.

Jones and the addition of showrunner Clifton Campbell aren’t the only major changes in store for Season 3, as neither John Noble nor Katia Winter are expected to return, given their respective fates in the Season 2 finale. FOX has also revealed that Sleepy Hollow will keep its 18-episode format for Season 3, hoping to return to the series’ less serialized, “fun” roots.

It’s difficult not to feel an ounce of worry for Sleepy Hollow’s future, but could the occult dramedy endure without one of its most vocal champions? How will Season 3 reboot with new villains and a new supporting cast?

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