FOX’s one-time breakout hit Sleepy Hollow never quite regained its head after Season 1, but the Season 3 exit of leading star Nicole Beharie seemed like a killing blow for the occult thriller. Season 4 will continue the the ride, however, as Sleepy Hollow now sets a Scully-type co-anchor for Ichabod Crane to replace Abbie Mills, along with a flurry of overhauls.

First and foremost, TVLine reports that Season 4 of Sleepy Hollow will introduce Tom Mison’s crane to his newest partner Anna, described as a “raging supernatural skeptic,” single mother and former military officer working in an X-Files-like Secret Service division. The ethnically-open casting also reports a “fierce devotion” to her 11 year-old daughter Stella, also being cast.

As if that weren’t dramatic enough an overhaul, a later report suggests that the series will move from Sleepy Hollow itself to Washington D.C., losing series regulars Lance Gross (FBI boss Daniel Reynolds) and Jessica Camacho (Agent Sophie Foster), joining a list of departures that includes Nicole Beharie (Abbie), Zach Appelman (Joe), Nikki Reed (Betsy) and Shannyn Sossamon (Pandora). The report also lists the new crew of research analyst Seth, “female MacGyver” Rosa, and a male big bad.

The series itself won’t return until midseason 2017, but given all the changes, would Sleepy Hollow have been better-served to cancel the apocalypse after Season 3?

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