Even the most casual of 'Smash' viewers knows that what started as a promising Broadway musical drama quickly devolved into the target of critical angst, leading to a complete creative shakeup in season 2 and the replacement of show-runner Theresa Rebeck with 'Gossip Girl' helmer Josh Safran. Now, as the series lies on the verge of cancellation, Rebeck had some rather harsh words for the direction 'Smash' has taken in season 2, and her own involvement in the debacle.

NBC's 'Smash' may be an object of derision and ridicule among the TV landscape these days, but ousted showrunner Theresa Rebeck thinks the criticism leveled at her is no laughing matter. In a series of published emails back and forth with BuzzFeed, Rebeck defended prior criticism of her work, saying "If in fact Theresa Rebeck was the problem with Smash and the train wreck it became, wouldn’t things have gotten better instead of drastically worse once she left?”

Even after being made aware her email comments were to be published, Rebeck went on to say “Most media reporters would agree that the second season is a complete disaster, and that the troubles of a once promising show go far beyond faring poorly in the ratings.” There can be no argument of 'Smash's troubles, now relegated to Saturday nights before airing its season 2 (and likely series) finale on Sunday, May 26.

Unfortunately for 'Smash,' we have other plans for the day. What say you? Has blame been unfairly leveled at 'Smash's original show-runner Theresa Rebeck, or did the series have other issues that led to its current state? Give us your thoughts in the comments!

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