After years behind the Weekend Update desk, the terrific Seth Meyers is leaving 'SNL' to pursue other projects. And by pursue other projects, we mean "take over as host of 'Late Night' while Jimmy Fallon ascends to 'The Tonight Show.'" Of course, something as important, popular and prominent as Meyers doesn't depart without some kind of send-off and the show sent him off in style.

Things begin like any other Weekend Update segment, with Meyers and co-host Cecily Strong chatting with a wacky guest played the ever hilarious Taran Killam. But things get nutty quickly with the arrival of Bill Hader's Stefon and the great Amy Poehler, who shared the Weekend Update desk with Meyer back in the day. Since it's impossible to go wrong with Hader and Poehler in the mix, the scene instantly becomes a classic ... before it ends all too soon and one of the great 'SNL' anchors says his final goodbyes.

But what a lovely goodbye it is! Soon, the group is joined by Andy Samberg and, very briefly, Fred Armisen, making Meyers' send-off a genuine reunion of some of the show's brightest alumni. It's a bittersweet reminder of the talent that has left the show in the past few years, but we can't think of a better way to signify the end of an era. The mostly rookie cast is now on their own and it's their turn to truly shine.