Where there's a presidential debate, there’s an SNL cold open. And where there’s an SNL cold open, there’s ample opportunity to slide in surprise guest stars to get the show started on a high note. However, there have only been a few surprise guest stars that have been as perfectly implemented as Larry David, who shows up as Senator Bernie Sanders to parody the recent Democratic debate. Oh, and Alec Baldwin shows up as Jim Webb, but Baldwin actually lives backstage at SNL, so his presence isn’t quite as exciting.

Ever since he became a serious contender for the Democratic nomination, people have talked about how Sanders looks and sounds like David. So naturally, getting him to actually play the part feels like a major coup. He doesn't need any extreme make-up or hairstyling and he doesn’t even need to change his voice. The star of Curb Your Enthusiasm and the mastermind of Seinfeld only has to show up and be himself to portray a very solid Sanders. Watching him interact with Kate McKinnon’s always perfect Hillary Clinton is a real treat.

As you may know, David was a writer on SNL back in the day, but it was a short-lived affair that ended with him only getting one sketch on the air. But now here he is, playing a major role and being treated as a surprise guest star that everyone is happy to see. That’s a behind-the-scenes feel-good story if there ever was one.

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