Complicit or otherwise, SNL knew that the first post-election show needed a note of relief, moreso than reminders of Trump’s victory. Presidential portrayer Alec Baldwin even expressed uncertainty he’d ever don the wig for SNL again, but sources confirm the sketch series’ take on Trump will return Baldwin to the limelight with Kristen Wiig this weekend.

Variety confirmed that Baldwin’s Trump would appear in the November 19 episode, albeit without specifying if we’d see the figure in a gloating capacity, or continually buffoonish. Baldwin will apparently reprise the role “every now and then,” though the actor clarified he wouldn’t make every Saturday available to NBC.

Most recently, Baldwin seemed to hope SNL’s need for the character would abate with the election, while a separate incident saw Baldwin commenting on NBC’s unwillingness for SNL to make official endorsements.

SNL issued some thoughtful responses to the election with Dave Chappelle’s debut last week, including Kate McKinnon’s moving “Hallelujah” cold open, but is it too soon for Baldwin to start soliciting laughs as Trump once again? Check out the promo below.

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