Sometimes, Saturday Night Live simply embraces absurdity and we're all the better for it. Does it make any sense that the Catholic church would elect nine year old Oscar nominee Quvenzhané Wallis as the new Pope? Does it make any sense that guest host Kevin Hart would play her and not even bother to hide his facial hair and other masculine features? Nah, but the results sure are hilarious.

The sketch begins in CNN's The Situation Room, where everyone is tuning in to watch the announcement of the new Pope. Soon enough, Quvenzhané Wallis appears with the Cardinals, dressed in her Oscar night dress and wearing an adorable Pope hat. Of course, it's actually Hart dressed like a young girl and wearing a Pope hat, so it's even funnier. Hart/Wallis charms the crowd by re-enacting her most memorable moments from 'Beasts of the Southern Wild' and former Pope Benedict watches hopelessly from the sidelines, his attempts to out-cute Wallis failing miserably.

Yeah, none of it makes too much sense, but the results are too funny and too strange to ignore. Watch it for yourself below!

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