Since James Franco was around to host this week’s ‘SNL’ as part of promoting his upcoming comedy ‘The Interview,’ it was inevitable that his frequent collaborator and co-star and director, Seth Rogen, would pop in to say hello. And they couldn’t have picked a better way to bring him into things. Since ‘The Interview’ is causing all kinds of real-world mayhem, they did what any self-respecting funny people would do: they made fun of it.

As you may know, Sony Pictures was hacked this past week, releasing employee details, private studio notes, and even finished versions of unreleased movies onto the internet. It’s been a nightmarish ordeal for everyone involved and Sony believes the attacks come from North Korea, who are angry that they’re releasing a comedy about the assassination of their dictator. Naturally, the best defense for a comedian is his or her sense of humor, so Rogen “crashed” Franco’s opening monologue to let him know that things are so much worse than they thought ... the duo’s private photos have leaked!

It’s a fairly obvious joke, but we’ll never get tired of seeing this old friends do everything in their power to embarrass themselves and each other. So, naturally, this batch of photos involve the two of them in compromised positions, usually with nudity involved somehow. Look, if you don’t find half-naked Rogen and Franco cuddling hilarious, then we do not know how to help you.

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