The season finale of SNL was a bittersweet affair, with many longtime cast members saying their goodbyes before leaving the show. Bill Hader got to give Stefon an epic conclusion, Seth Meyers got to reunite with Amy Poehler and Fred Armisen got to close out the show with a song.

Although Armisen performs in character as old school punk rocker Ian Rubbish, the song that he's singing is completely original and it will, for the lack of the better phrase, give you all of the feelings. Titled "It's a Lovely Day," the song is so upbeat, catchy and wonderful that it transcends Armisen's comic performance and feels very real. This isn't just Armisen playing a character -- this is Armisen using a character to say a heartfelt goodbye to the show that he's been a major part of for so very long.

It wouldn't be a big SNL moment with some special guests, so string of familiar and not-so-familiar faces join Armisen during the song. The first to arrive is Armisen's 'Portlandia' co-creator Carrie Brownstein, but she's soon joined by Aimee Mann, Michael Penn, J. Mascis of Dinosaur Jr., Steve Jones of the Sex Pistols and Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth fame. It may not be the most star-studded line-up the show has seen, but it's a collection of people who mean a lot to Armisen, which makes it all so much sweeter.

Farewell, Fred Armisen! As the song says, “It’s been all right, I’ve had a lovely night with you.” Whoever joins the cast next season are going to have a hard time filling the shoes left behind.