If there's one thing the latest episode of Saturday Night Live proved, it was that Jeremy Renner does not have a bright future in the world of sketch comedy. However, it did prove that Renner has no problem parodying his tough guy action persona. One of the highlights of the episode was a video sketch that followed three guys who take their violent stand off a few steps too far.

It's a scenario you've seen in a thousand action movies: three criminals corner each other in a dark parking garage, each of them wielding dual pistols pointed at the other two. It's a classic Mexican Stand Off, the kind of scenario that doesn't end in anything but bloodshed...but then Renner realizes that he needs to pick up his daughter from dance class. And thus begins a strange and funny odyssey, as the three men begin a new life together, going through the motions of life, eternally locked in their epic stand off.

The scene, much like the sad mouse mascot sketch from a few weeks back, represent a fascinating evolution for the SNL Digital Short. Unlike the context-driven, silly videos of the past few years, the past few episodes have produced genuine short films that would prove perfectly entertaining outside of an episode of SNL. We don't know if this was a happy accident or part of a grand plan, but this segment of the episode is truly starting to feel like a short film showcase instead of just another sketch slot.

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