Only two SNL outings will occupy February 2016 between Larry David and Melissa McCarthy, and March 5 will pick up the torch with another four-timer. Hail, Caesar! star Jonah Hill will return to the SNL stage, joined by musical guest Future.

SNL confirmed the news of Jonah Hill’s hosting return during Melissa McCarthy’s fellow fourth outing with Kanye West, fresh off jokes that McCarthy had mistaken herself for a five-timer. Hill has previously hosted in 2008, 2012 and 2014.

Future, meanwhile, will make his debut as musical guest in March Hill’s past musical guests include Mariah Carey in 2008, The Shins in 2012, and Bastille in 2014.

Hill had plenty of fun in 2014 when Leonardo DiCaprio crashed the monologue, but what can we expect from the fourth time around? Who else might join for the March remainder?

Stay tuned for our take and the best sketches from Melissa McCarthy’s fourth turn as host, as well as the March hosts beyond Jonah Hill!

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