If there's some kind of guide for for SNL hosts, they should let Joseph Gordon-Levitt write a chapter. Up for seemingly anything and lacking even a single ounce of shame, he brought a level of commitment to last night's episode that shown through even the weakest sketches. One of his shining moments was his role in a commercial parody where he played the son of Dos Equis' spokesman "The Most Interesting Man in the World."

And wouldn't you know it? The son of the Most Interesting Man in the World is a bit a hipster doofus. Sporting obnoxious facial hair and wearing increasingly awful outfits (including a few despicable fedoras), Gordon-Levitt managed to capture a unique kind of douchebag, the kind of guy who would create a beer called "Triple Equis" to spite his father. His break dancing is also nightmarishly memorable.

What do you think of this sketch and, more importantly, what did you think of Gordon-Levitt's performance? Do you agree with us that he's one of the better guest hosts that this show has had?

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