Since 2003, the "Barry Gibb Talk Show" sketches on 'SNL' have popped up whenever Justin Timberlake or Jimmy Fallon have appeared on the show, with Fallon playing Bee Gees lead singer Bary Gibb and Timberlake taking on his brother, Robin Gibb. The last time we saw these characters was in 2011 and its return seemed unlikely following the death of Robin Gibb in 2012. However, the sketch made its big return last night and it brought a handful of surprise cameos along for the ride.

Like the previous five "Barry Gibb Talk Show" sketches, this one leans pretty heavily on some easy but amusing jokes, with Fallon going full cartoon and Timberlake acting as the straight man. This time around, the two singers play host to Fox News' Megyn Kelly (the delightful Cecily Strong), Paul Ryan (the never not funny Taran Killiam) and Madonna, who, in a surprise turn of events, is played by Madonna herself. As our own Britt Hayes pointed out, it looks like she's finally given up trying to pretend that she's British.

If there are any lingering questions about the sensitivity of the sketch following Robin Gibb's passing, they are safely put to rest when Barry Gibb himself takes the stage in the scene's second surprise cameo. If there is a perfect way to put this series to rest, that was it.

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