'The Californians' may be a one-note joke, but in true 'Saturday Night Live' fashion, it's a one-note joke executed pretty darn well by performers who know how to squeeze comedy from just about anything. It also helps when a comedy legend like Steve Martin pops in for a quick cameo.

In last night's SNL season finale, The Californians did what they do best: engage in all kinds of soap opera shenanigans while getting distracted by mirrors and turning every single conversation, no matter how important, into a discussion about traffic and the most efficient driving routes. If anything, the sketch felt like an opportunity to squeeze much of the cast together for one last time, since some of the key players in scene (like Kristen Wiig and Andy Samberg) will be moving on from the show after this season. Of course, the true joy of a sketch with so many participants is watching each performer try to crack the others up, which may actually be funnier than any of the written jokes.

Plus, it may be the only time you'll ever get to see Steve Martin and Mick Jagger clutch each other while staring dramatically into a mirror while wearing awful blonde wigs.

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