Elizabeth Banks will offer an alright SNL palate cleanser for Donald Trump when the NBC sketch series returns in November, but its third host of the month deserves a hearty “alright, alright, alright.” Matthew McConaughey will make a surprising return to the SNL stage, bringing the big guns with Adele as musical guest.

Per Entertainment Weekly, the former True Detective and Gold star will return to the SNL stage on November 21, his first time hosting since 2003, a notably different phase of McConaughey’s career. As for Adele, the “Hello” singer last appeared in SNL in 2008, one of her early breakout stateside performances.

Taking a quick break after Tracy Morgan’s triumphant return, November 7 will see SNL return with blowhard presidential candidate Donald Trump and Sia, followed by Hunger Games favorite Elizabeth Banks and Disclosure on November 14. November will be a tough act to follow, but is Season 41 already shaping up larger than the 40th anniversary year?

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