Saturday Night Live only has a few weeks left until the presidential election, which means that they only have a few weeks left to make fun of the easiest targets in the country. Like the past couple of weeks, last night's episode opened with a sketch about the most recent presidential debate and once again, Jason Sudeikis got to show off his Mitt Romney and Jay Pharoah got to show off his Barack Obama.

SNL's version of the first presidential debate played with Romney's longwinded speeches and Obama's sleepy performance. This time around, they took inspiration from the second debate's more "spirited" atmosphere and have the two political opponents at each other's throats for much of the debate, with both practically on the verge of fisticuffs on multiple occasions. Add a gag about Mitt Romney's son/internet meme Tagg Romney and a series of Long Island stereotypes played by some of SNL's best and you've got a pretty solid skit. Sure, none of SNL's political sketches this year have had the cultural impact of Tina Fey's Sarah Palin from four years ago, but they've certainly been more than solid.

All politics aside, whose impersonation do you enjoy more: Sudeikis' or Pharoah's? Which one would you rather see grace the SNL stage for the next four years?