Alright, so 'SNL's' outing with Daniel Craig was pretty much KIA, and Christina Applegate didn't exactly have us 'Up All Night' with laughter. But even if 'Saturday Night Live' has gotten a bit off its game in the 38th season, can Bruno Mars be the one to bring it all back by pulling double duty as both host and musical guest? We were right about Daniel Craig not having much of a funnybone, but will Mars be up to the task? Check out the new 'SNL' promos for a first taste!

After last week's mediocre turn with Christina Applegate, 'SNL' returns this weekend with Bruno Mars as both your host and your musical guest. Now, we're not all that familiar with the comedy stylings of Bruno Mars, so this should turn out to be an interesting experiment. In particular, the round of promos for Saturday's all new episode certainly seem like Mars can handle himself with a sense of humor.

So, what do you think the new episode will bring? Will Jay Pharoah bring back his amazing Obama impression for another round of election humor? Will Bruno Mars join "The Californians"? Will someone surely make Mars puns in the opening segments?

Check out the preview below, and tell us if you'll watch Bruno Mars host 'Saturday Night Live' this weekend!