Whether or not you prefer your 'SNL' hosts to come from the comedy world, or like to see music stars take to the sketches, most fans agree that recent hosts like Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine and Bruno Mars have at least done serviceable jobs. This Saturday's upcoming episode will see music sensation Justin Bieber take over both hosting duties and performing, but do the latest promos reveal the Biebs is up to the task? Check out a preview of Just in Bieber's 'SNL' skills inside!

Despite appearing in cameo for a few past sketches, this weekend's all-new 'Saturday Night Live' will see Canadian wonder-teen Justin Bieber pulling double duty as both host and musical guest for the very first time. To help promote the affair, NBC has released the first promo's from Justin's hosting stint, and to put it bluntly, they're...well...they're not exactly making "beliebers" out of us.

Not only does Bieber blatantly utilize the cue card in near every take, it seems poor Kenan Thompson can't even cover for Bieber's lack of presence in the promos. It's early in the week yet, so perhaps Bieber will come through after all or good writing will save the day, but this weekend's 'SNL' could be one for the history books. Well, at least we've got Christoph Waltz to fall back on.

Check out Justin Bieber's lackluster 'SNL' promo below, and tell us in the comments if you think the Biebs is up to the task!